Message from Our Founder

Eugene He, PD, N.D.

After immersing myself in phytochemistry research and product formulations for 18 years, I’ve developed a passion in this field that constantly challenges how I can create unique products that surpass expectations. My dream of bridging science with art to develop a line of products that enhances both our physical and emotional well-being led to the creation of LYI, the highlight of my career.

LYI has been a monumental journey that spans months in perfecting the formulation, packaging, and design. Each element takes you on a captivating sensory voyage, with the bottle's shape inspired by the confident silhouette of a woman and the concealed 'LYI' logo symbolising intrinsic beauty to the mesmerising fragrances that hold a story within.

Together with our team of scientists, we have uncovered skin transformative minerals and postbiotic technologies that hold the key to revolutionise the way we care for our skin. Our award-winning, proprietary MMC75™ is the result of deep skin science and forms the heart of our formulations.

As LYI’s founder, my wish is for you to experience these products and embark on a sensorial and fulfilling journey to enhance your skin and emotional well-being. LYI embodies my passion, dedication, and belief in the harmonious duet of science and nature for real results. Reveal the potential of your skin and unveil your brilliance with us.