Malachite Renewal Serum

Malachite Renewal Serum is a skin care serum designed for the face. It is infused with Malachite extract and contains a proprietary skin barrier repair complex called MMC75, along with other key ingredients like Novoretin and Centella Reversa.

Malachite Renewal Emulsion

Malachite Renewal Emulsion is a skincare product in the form of an emulsion specifically designed for use on the face. It contains Malachite Extract, a proprietary skin barrier repair complex called MMC75. It helps reduce pore size and provides moisture for smooth and hydrated skin.

Olivine Replenishing Essence

Olivine Replenishing Essence is a skin care product, specifically an essence for face use, that helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. It contains Olivine extract, MMC75, silanetriol, adenosine, and tangerine extract.

Sapphire Revealing Cleanser

Sapphire Revealing Cleanser is a daily cleanser infused with Sapphire powder, MMC75, and biotechnology produced protease. It is designed to remove impurities and dirt from the skin, improve skin radiance, and reveal softer and smoother skin.