The journey commenced with Dr. Eugene He, a visionary biotechnologist and award-winning formulator, leading an in-depth study on how epigenetic impact skin conditions with a team of scientists. The study uncovered the enigma of repairing the skin barrier through targeted regulation of the growth environment.

Relentless research and experiments eventually led to the groundbreaking epiphany of MMC75™, a proprietary technology that comprehensively repairs the skin barrier and transforms skin texture. LYI harnesses the synergistic power of mineral elements from precious gemstones and extracts obtained through microbial fermentation, unveiling breakthrough skincare solutions that revolutionize our approach to caring for our skin.


LYI’s dedication lies in our expertise regarding the health of skin barriers. Every product we create incorporates our proprietary MMC75 formula that is specially designed to protect and repair skin barriers. Each of our creations, including fragrance, is consciously alcohol-free, prioritizing the optimal well-being and resilience of the skin barrier. MMC75 consists of Mineral, Microbiome, Cell that rebalances the skin with natural zinc to accelerate skin healing, optimize the skin microbiota to strengthen the skin barrier, and promotes cellular recovery and barrier repair.

Your beauty is timeless, ageless, and infinite, always shining through.


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